As a amateur radio user I like to carry my radio most of the places I go. Everyone have some sort of Every Day Carry (EDC) item/Items that people take when they go out the house, Whether it is house keys, bank card or mobile phone. Above is my EDC Backpack which I use as Radio Go Bag as well. Few Items gets replaced depending on circumstances. Most common Items are as below:


For backpack I use ProCase Military Tactical Backpack with 42L Capacity. I have been using this bag since November 2020 and had no Issues. I choose this bag for its 2 separate but full size compartments and MOLLEE Webbing. Back pack have 2 Velcro patches one is Great Britain Union Flag, 2nd is Customized Callsign and Name Patch.

Light signalling:

For Light signalling I have a Mockingbird infrared beacon (British army surplus). Red bicycle strobe light by ALCOR, White Bicycle light by Mizar. Both lights are USB rechargeable. Apart from that I also have head light by Lighthouse & a generic reflective band.

Charging & Power management:

For charging & power management I have a setup according to my needs, Charger for mobile phone, Power bank, charging cables, HT charging setup. For Mobile phone I use the original charger that comes with phone. For cable management for all cables I have Wire Cable Organiser, As Power bank Anker PowerCore 10000mAh Power Bank, For HT power I use a  Step Up Voltage Converter USB to 12V cable with HT charging pod.


Apart from my personal smartphone I carry Inrico T320 with high gain 4G antenna for better coverage, Wouxun KG-UV9D as Primary Analogue FM Transceiver & Retevis RT3 DMR. Occasionally Yaesu FT65E as Wouxun replacement & MTH800 for experimental testing. For DMR operations I have MMDVM which is also setup to transmit DAPNET POCSAG pager on 70cm.  I also carry RTL-SDR V3 for RX operations.


I have 70CM antenna for MMDVM, Abbree 42.5″ Tactical antenna attached with MOLLEE webbing on outside of bag. I connect HT with antenna using SMA extension cable. Some time I get Rollup Slim Jim J-pole.

Note Taking:

I prefer taking Audio/typed notes on smart phone but I also have a small note book, for writing I have a permanent marker, Uni-ball fine pen & highlighter for highlighting.

Personal Care & Hygiene:

As first aid I do have few assorted wash proof plasters, basic medication for headache, cold & flu, allergy & hay fever Tablets. For hygiene I have hand sanitizer,  Andrex wipes, Simple face wipes.  Occasionally I do carry extra set of clothing and CAP preferably RSGB cap. Also I have Face mask.

Tools and Extras:

I have a multi tool by Rolson, Lase distance measure,   SD/Micro SD card reader, Raspberry Pi 4 with heatsink caseflash drive & an emergency whistle, Velcro ties, non climbing carabiners, Printed & laminated Amateur Licence copy.   I do periodically carry out maintenance and checks which also give me opportunity to find best possible way to sort the bag. Purchase link to Amazon are underlined & highlighted.   73’s 2E0UMR.