Go Power Box for mobile radio operations

Portable/ mobile power have important role while operating mobile, either it is field day, POTA, SOTA or any other activity. Having a go box power with multiple types of power connections is very helpful.

I made my go power box according to my requirements / practical uses, from using an SLA battery, Anderson powerpole connectors, 12V cigarette lighter socket to USB socket.

In terms of charging, I have gone with post terminals to relate to wide range of charging devices from mains power charger to solar panel. In terms of protection all connectors have individual fuse connected in series.

Post terminals have 15V/25A in series as charging volts have to be slightly higher than battery voltage. Battery have another 12V/25A fuse connected in series with on/off switch with Power analyser which is Watt Meter Battery Consumption Performance Monitor. 12V cigarette socket is connected with 12V/3A fuse also most of the plugs have built in fuse in them so double protection. Anderson powerpole are connected with 12V/25A fuse in start and individual fuses with different ratings from 12V/10A to 12V/1A are connected. At last USB socket is connected with 12V/2A fuse.